Politics and generations in Russia

17 May 2021

Generation X

Elder people around 50+years old. In common watch TV, and it is not a surprise how much propaganda is there.
Mostly news come in following shapes:

  • there are disastrous events/war/disease you name it in other countries.
  • locally-culturally inappropriate(LGBT+, widely different social points of view like ultra-left and ultra-right and etc).

It makes this generation vulnerable for any changes ruled by "could be worse".

Political debates are heavily crippled because of total control so people usually end up with point

Who else if not the current Emperor?Everyone who oppose this is surely a spy and wants our country to fall and its resources be stolen.

Generation Y

Middle-aged people around 30+ years old.
They don't share same opinion but as people who spent their youth in rough times(1990-2000) after soviet collapse, they have been in hell and now they feel mostly all right.
They do watch TV, have some scepticism and generally are fine with globalization. There is not much to say about.
This is the generation that keeps opinion

It’s okay. Could be worse and hell I am not going to check it, so I keep out of all that stuff.

Generation Z

Finally, the generation Z is everyone under age of 30. At the moment I am the part of this generation so I will name it my.
Despite sharing liberal views most of my generation know little about sociology, history or psychology. Also, we don’t have wide mind and points of view to rationalize, search, prove/refute what we see in social media and mostly end up in the similar situation as generation X.
I believe most of those problems come from poor education system and politics itself. It leads my generation to blind hate.


It does not matter who we are and what conditions we face. There must be changes to prevent stagnation.
They may lead for good or bad but the same person who rules over 20 years is a significant stagnation of an entire nation.

Don't take everything plain: we have to challenge and prove the information we face.

Here is what really helps me to do it.