How to write tests properly in PHP (part 1)
3 November 2021
Testing is tough. It may seem simple but has a lot of pitfalls even for developers with many years of experience. Situation is even worse because there is no way for a novice tester to validate them without a skilled mentor. This guide is a way to avoid some common pitfalls and give general rule of thumb for writing tests in PHP.
Why I do love test-driven development
31 July 2021
Today I want to speak about development approach I prefer the most. It is awesome, and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to improve his coding and architectural skills. I will absolutely not say that TDD(test-first) is better than TLD(test-last) because there is no point in that. At the best it will end up with "if you do it right you can't do it wrong". I will write about that someday in different post.
Pros and cons of an overtime
15 July 2021
Okay, okay, it's a trap. I will not speak about pros of an overtime. They are very subjective and controversial, and I am trying to pass some valid solid point. Almost every developer knows what overtime is. It sometimes has different nature, but it is always about spending your own time to do a job. So, what is wrong with overtime?
What is a module and what is a bundle?
27 June 2021
A short explanation of how a module differs from a bundle. Because "bundle" is a symfony term this article is mostly aims symfony developers.
Politics and generations in Russia
17 May 2021
This is a post about politics and social activity/pov based on generations.