PHP 8.0 union types and what they have to do with exceptions handling
16 August 2023
Short answer - it raises the code quality.
Tools should not dictate the rules rather serve the goals
25 July 2023
True for both management process and software development. Here is why it is important.
How to keep an API documentation up-to-date
3 October 2022
If your company is good enough to write documentation then do it properly. Poor documentation is worse than absent documentation.
Don't use http-codes
27 June 2022
For the sake of the world, please, stop mixing http-status codes with your code.
TODO culture
13 June 2022
Have you ever worked with a project that had hundreds and hundreds of @todos in the codebase? What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see `Found 786 items in 492 files`? Would you like them to go away and let you be?