Don't use http-codes
27 June 2022
For the sake of the world, please, stop mixing http-status codes with your code.
TODO culture
13 June 2022
Have you ever worked with a project that had hundreds and hundreds of @todos in the codebase? What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see `Found 786 items in 492 files`? Would you like them to go away and let you be?
Named parameters in PHP8
10 May 2022
Have you ever dreamed of shooting your legs with tools which were designed particularly for that purpose? Then this might be just a thing for you.
How to write tests properly in PHP (part 1)
3 November 2021
Testing is tough. It may seem simple but has a lot of pitfalls even for developers with many years of experience. Situation is even worse because there is no way for a novice tester to validate them without a skilled mentor. This guide is a way to avoid some common pitfalls and give general rule of thumb for writing tests in PHP.
Why I do love test-driven development
31 July 2021
Today I want to speak about development approach I prefer the most. It is awesome, and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to improve his coding and architectural skills. I will absolutely not say that TDD(test-first) is better than TLD(test-last) because there is no point in that. At the best it will end up with "if you do it right you can't do it wrong". I will write about that someday in different post.