How to keep an API documentation up-to-date
3 October 2022
If your company is good enough to write documentation then do it properly. Poor documentation is worse than absent documentation.
Don't use http-codes
27 June 2022
For the sake of the world, please, stop mixing http-status codes with your code.
Named parameters in PHP8
10 May 2022
Have you ever dreamed of shooting your legs with tools which were designed particularly for that purpose? Then this might be just a thing for you.
How to write tests properly in PHP (part 1)
3 November 2021
Testing is tough. It may seem simple but has a lot of pitfalls even for developers with many years of experience. Situation is even worse because there is no way for a novice tester to validate them without a skilled mentor. This guide is a way to avoid some common pitfalls and give general rule of thumb for writing tests in PHP.
What is a module and what is a bundle?
27 June 2021
A short explanation of how a module differs from a bundle. Because "bundle" is a symfony term this article is mostly aims symfony developers.